Get U Driving School LLC offers a comprehensive driver education program. We strive to provide students with the fundamentals of driving while promoting responsible driving habits. GUDS has three different course offerings; the 3 Week Classroom course, Behind the Wheel, or Internet Study Driver Improvement Clinic (DIC). The instructor is state certified with lesson plans that meet Department of Motor Vehicle and Virginia Department of Education curriculum requirements. GUDS is a member of Virginia Association of Driver Education and Traffic Safety (VADETS) and Driving School Association of America. Instruction vehicle is equipped with dual brakes and rearview mirror, restraint systems, and other safety devices. The minimum age for registration in any GUDS curriculum is 15 years and 6 months of age. Each of our programs offers flexible time schedules to accommodate your individual needs. Any student under age 19 must complete a minimum 36 class periods of instruction and 14 periods of in-car instruction.

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