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New Dimensions in Driving Safety

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Our Goals:

B&E maintains high quality standards that are in accordance with the rules
set by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

The total instructional system at B
&E is based on a careful analysis of the driving task.

At our School one learns that passing a driving test is not a true indication of skill in handling a passenger vehicle safely. We try to instill in our students the concept not to be content with just passing the driving test, but rather their goal should be to become a good, safe, and fully competent driver.

&E Driving School, Inc. is prepared and willing to help one acquire skills and develop safe driving habits that will last a life time.

Our Philosophy:

B&E Driving School, Inc. offers a complete Driver and Traffic Safety Education Program which has proved to be most successful.

An investment in driving lessons at B
&E is an investment in yourself that will pay real dividends in future years.

The School has no restriction on admissions related to a students race, color, creed or National origin.

Within a friendly, unpretentious atmosphere of trust between students and teachers, the school strives to create in students a love of learning the difference between "just learning to drive" and becoming a good, safe driver.

In addition, we stress appropriate behavior and moral standards.



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