The Driverís Education Association of Maryland (DEAM) was founded in the year 2006. By representing all sectors of the Maryland driving school industry, DEAM's intent is to advocate, protect, and more accurately represent the interests of the larger majority of the Maryland driving schools. Our membership includes not only providers of Driverís Education (for first time drivers) but also providers of the Driver Improvement Program, providers of the Alcohol and Drug Education Program, and prestigious educational leaders of the community. Our goal is to improve driver safety while promoting ethics and professionalism within the driving school industry. It is also our goal to promote the needs and agendas of our member schools through cooperation with our governmental agencies and policy makers.

Membership in the Driverís Education Association of Maryland is FREE!  There are NO annual dues! We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to matters affecting all Maryland driving schools.

To this end, we have requested that our Association be invited to all MVA meetings that address any issues that could be deemed beneficial or relative to the concerns of our membership. This would include invitation to any and all pending MVA meetings with the MPDEA (Maryland Professional Driver Education Association), the organization that represents a certain collection of Maryland driving schools that may also be included in our membership.

Please Join Us Today!!!   -  Eugene DíOnofrio, Founder - DEAM

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