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Descendants of Crescenzo D'Onofrio



Generation No. 1


1. CRESCENZO1 D'ONOFRIO was born in Foiano di Val Fortore, Benevento, Italy. He married TERESA TOZZI. She was born in Foiano di Val Fortore, Benevento, Italy.



2. i. ANTONIO2 D'ONOFRIO, b. 1760, Foiano di Val Fortore, Benevento, Italy; d. Sep 29, 1840.


Generation No. 2


2. ANTONIO2 D'ONOFRIO (CRESCENZO1) was born 1760 in Foiano di Val Fortore, Benevento, Italy, and died Sep 29, 1840.



3. i. CRESCENZO3 D'ONOFRIO, b. Apr 28, 1808.


Generation No. 3


3. CRESCENZO3 D'ONOFRIO (ANTONIO2, CRESCENZO1) was born Apr 28, 1808. He married MATILDA DELISI Apr 15, 1837 in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.



It is not known where Crescenzo was born, but it is known that he was married to Mathilda DeLisi in Casalnuovo in 1837. His father, Antonio, was born in Foiano, di Val Fortore, around 1760. It is yet to be determined at what point the D'Onofrio family made the transition between Foiano and Casalnuovo.



4. i. ANTONIO4 D'ONOFRIO, b. Jul 07, 1848, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.


Generation No. 4


4. ANTONIO4 D'ONOFRIO (CRESCENZO3, ANTONIO2, CRESCENZO1) was born Jul 07, 1848 in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy. He married MARIA LUGINO MINELLI Sep 11, 1873 in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.



Antonio was a prominent landowner in Caselnuovo and operated a wheat farm and mill and also kept livestock. It is not clear how the family gained this status - whether Antonio developed this business or if it was passed down to him by his father. Nonetheless, the family could not have owned this land for long, since the D'onofio family has been traced back to Foiano, di Val Fortore, where his grandfather, Antonio was born.

It is assumed that he did come to the United States at some point and lived in New York. There is a record of entry at Ellis Island for an Antonio D'Onofrio in 1898, but it is not certain that this is him. Also, there is an Ellis Island entry from his son Giuseppe, on which he claimed he was visiting his father, Antionio, in New York. Stil, it is not understood why someone of prominence would leave a prosperous business to go to America.

Little seems to be known about him after 1902, due in part to his disownership of his son and our direct relative, Vincenzo. It does appear that his wife, Maria, survived him, since it is known that a second husband of hers had laid claim to the family land.



5. i. VINCENZO5 D'ONOFRIO, b. Jul 22, 1877, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.

ii. MICHELE D'ONOFRIO, b. Oct 04, 1880, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.

iii. GIUSEPPE D'ONOFRIO, b. Nov 21, 1882, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.

iv. ALBERTO D'ONOFRIO, b. Jan 27, 1885, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.

v. MATTEO D'ONOFRIO, b. Mar 21, 1888, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.

vi. PASQUALE D'ONOFRIO, b. Sep 04, 1891, Casalnuovo Monteratoro, Foggia, Italy.


Generation No. 5


5. VINCENZO5 D'ONOFRIO (ANTONIO4, CRESCENZO3, ANTONIO2, CRESCENZO1) was born Jul 22, 1877 in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy. He married LUCIA DEL ROSSO Aug 07, 1902 in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy, daughter of VINCENZO DEL ROSSO and CONCETTA. She was born 1879 in Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy, and died 1940 in Baltimore, MD.



Vincenzo D'Onofrio was born into a well to do family in the small villiage of Caselnuovo Monterotaro, in Foggia, Italy. His father was the owner of mansion on a large farm on which he grew, ground and sold wheat and raised livestock. He met Lucia Del Rosso and fell in love and wanted to marry her. His father Antonio disapproved, because she was from a family in a lower class. Vincenzo married her anyway and Antonio disowned him. Within a month of their marriage they left for the United States and settled in New York.

Their stay in New York was breif. Lucia was supposedly far too homesick to stay and she wanted to be with her mother. It is not know when they returned to Italy, but their first child, Assunta was born in White Plains, on August 3, 1903. Their second daughter, Concetta, was born in Casalnuovo on Sept 6, 1904. Sometime between those dates, Vincenzo and Lucia returned to Italy with their young daughter and lived with Lucia's parents.

It is unclear exactly how many trips he made back and forth between Italy and America, but there is an entry under his name at Ellis Island in September, 1907. This is curious, because his son, Antonio, was born just one month earlier. Also, his son Giuseppe was born on April 11, 1909, which would indicate that Vincenzo was in Italy at that time.

Nonetheless, it is clear that he did go back to the United States ahead of Lucia, On a ship manifest for entry at Ellis Island on November 4, 1911, Lucia was travelling alone and had stated she was to join her husband, Vincenzo D'Onofrio, in Philadelphia. With Michele's birth in Philadelphia in 1912, along with the rest of the children, it appears it was at this point when they remained in the United States permanently.

It was at this time that the family was split. Assunta, Concetta, Antonio and Giuseppe all remained in Italy to live with Lucia's parents. Vincenzo and Lucia were in Philadelphia where they would have 5 more childern before the family would be together again. After the death of Lucia's mother, Concetta, Lucia's father, Vincenzo, brought the 3 children to America in 1921 (Antonio died in 1917). The youngest 2 childern, Romeo and Clara, were born after the family was reunited.

One of Vincenzo's brothers was a Cardinal. He wrote in his will that after his father's death, the land ownership should include the oldest son. However, after his father died, his mother remarried and the husband managed to claim ownership of the land.

At some point, Vincenzo, Lucia and their children left Philadelphia and moved to Baltimore. It is not know when this occurred and what prompted the move. Assunta, who was married in Philadelphia, did not go with them initially, but joined them later after her husband left. The family had a residence on Chase St. in East Baltimore. It is not known when Vincenzo died, but it is clear that he was outlived by Lucia, who died in 1940.


Immigration: Sep 09, 1902, Ellis Island, NY

Immigration (2): Sep 10, 1907, Ellis Island, NY



6. i. ASSUNTA6 D'ONOFRIO, b. Aug 09, 1903, White Plains, NY; d. Feb 12, 1985, Baltimore, MD.

ii. CONCETTA D'ONOFRIO, b. Sep 06, 1904, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy; d. Feb 01, 1994, Baltimore, MD.


Burial: Druid Ridge Cemetery

iii. ANTONIO D'ONOFRIO, b. Jun 10, 1907, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy; d. Sep 18, 1917, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy.

7. iv. GIUSEPPE MARIO D'ONOFRIO, b. Mar 11, 1909, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy; d. Feb 01, 2001, Baltimore, MD.

8. v. MICHELE ALFREDO D'ONOFRIO, b. Sep 04, 1912, Philadelphia, PA; d. Mar 29, 1998, Baltimore, MD.

9. vi. AUTURO NICOLA D'ONOFRIO, b. Jan 30, 1914, Philadelphia, PA; d. Oct 02, 1958, Baltimore, MD.

10. vii. ESTERINO D'ONOFRIO, b. Oct 12, 1915, Philadelphia, PA; d. Oct 22, 1993, Baltimore, MD.

11. viii. GUGLIELMO EUGENO D'ONOFRIO, b. Jun 18, 1917, Philadelphia, PA; d. Mar 30, 1996, Baltimore, MD.

12. ix. ANTHONY VINCENT D'ONOFRIO, b. Feb 04, 1919, Philadelphia, PA; d. Apr 14, 1988, Baltimore, MD.

13. x. ROMEO JOSEPH D'ONOFRIO, b. Feb 15, 1922, Philadelphia, PA; d. Nov 15, 2002, Baltimore, MD.

14. xi. CLARA D'ONOFRIO, b. Aug 31, 1923, Philadelphia, PA.


Generation No. 6


6. ASSUNTA6 D'ONOFRIO (VINCENZO5, ANTONIO4, CRESCENZO3, ANTONIO2, CRESCENZO1) was born Aug 09, 1903 in White Plains, NY, and died Feb 12, 1985 in Baltimore, MD. She married (1) VINCENZO ORSINI Feb 28, 1923 in Philadelphia, PA, son of DESIDERIO ORSINI and GIUSEPPINA. He was born Aug 05, 1900 in Trieste, Italy, and died Nov 23, 1961 in Boston, MA. She married (2) MICHELE A. MINOTTI, son of GIUSEPPE MINOTTI and CARMELA MALORNI. He was born Dec 25, 1899 in Larino, Campobasso, Italy, and died Jun 13, 1965 in Baltimore, MD.



Born in the USA during her parents breif stay in NY, she returned to Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Foggia, Italy. Her parents returned to the US and she remained in Italy where she lived with her grandparents, Vincenzo and Concetta Del Rosso until she was 17. After the death of Concetta, she left from Naples, Italy on the SS Canada with Vincenzo, her sister Concetta and her brother Giuseppe and arrived at Ellis Island on Feb 28, 1921.

Upon arrival, Vincenzo was detained, due to concerns about his health and there was concern that they may be returned to Italy. Since Vincenzo was in a weak state, Giuseppe, who was only 12 stepped forward to represent the family. They got clearance, but didn't remain at Ellis Island. They took the ship and disembarked in Philadelphia on March 1, 1921.

Michele Minotti was also on the SS Canada for this same voyage. He fell immediately in love with her. He asked permission to call on her, but Vincenzo said no. It would take years, but he would eventually be her husband.

Assunta married Vincenzo Orsini in 1923 and they had four children together, with the forth, Norma, dying in infancy. When Vincenzo Orsini left her, she took her children to Baltimore and moved in with her parents and many siblings. She went to work with her sister Concetta in a sewing factory to help out the large family with their expenses.

By chance one day, her brothers had organized a card game and brought a friend over to play. It was Michele Minotti! When he saw Assunta, he vowed that he would never lose sight of her again. They married and he took her three children into his heart as his own. They lived happily together until his death in 1965.


Burial: Druid Ridge Cemetery

Immigration (1): Feb 28, 1921, Naples, Italy to Ellis Island, NY, on SS Canada



Michele Minnoti was orphaned at a very yound age. He and his brother Giovanni were sent to be raised by a Parrish Priest. He came to the United States in 1921, with the assistance of an uncle, Giovanni.

He came on the SS Canada - the same voyage as Assunta. On the trip, he fell in love with her. In an act to prove his love for her, he scaled the outside railings on the ship to get from steerage to first class, where he could her a cup of coffee. Assunta was terribly sea sick and he thought he would try to find something to settle her stomach. In the end, she was simply too sick to take it. When they arrived in Philadelphia, he wanted to call on her but he was denied by Assunta's grandfather, Vincenzo.

He lived in Philadelphia for a time. He had been said to have walked the streets there in the hopes he might run into Assunta. Eventually, he married, but when his wife left him he moved to Baltimore to live with his uncle, Giovanni. It was there that he did meet Assunta once again, after being invited to play cards at the family house with Assunta's brothers. He married her and took her 3 children as his own. They lived happily together until his death in 1965.


Burial: Druid Ridge Cemetery

Immigration: Feb 28, 1921, Ellis Island, NY